WES Goes Global BK2W-Schülerinnen und Schüler auf der ZKM-Globale-Ausstellung „Global Games“

Am Freitag, dem 02. Oktober 2015 besuchte die Klasse BK2W die im Rahmen des 300. Karlsruher Stadtgeburtstags stattfindende Globale-Ausstellung „Global Games“ im ZKM. Die interaktive Ausstellung zeigt die neusten, populärsten Entwicklungen im Bereich der Computerspiele.


Ausgehend von den Interessen der Schülerinnen und Schüler stand dabei einerseits die Absicht im Vordergrund, die Spielarten und Möglichkeiten digitaler Spielwelten auszuloten. Außerdem wurden die englischen Sprachkenntnisse – ganz im Sinne des „English as a global language“ – erweitert, denn die Museumsführung fand auf Englisch statt. Last but not least gab es ausreichend Zeit, das Gelernte und zu Erlernende spielend umzusetzen.


Eindrücke der Schülerinnen und Schüler

„That was interesting that you can play and try games in the exhibition in ZKM (…) You can see there the computer game culture of Asia as well as the computer game productions from different countries like Iran, Syria, etc.“


“The trip with our class was interesting and exciting. We found many games and the history how the games began a revolution. It was amazing. (…) My favourite game was the bubble game: it was a lot of fun to jump and crack the bubbles.”


“I personally liked the flight simulator (BIRDLY) the most: you put on glasses and a special construction of eagle-like wings. Then you fly through San Francisco. With your arms you can handle the flight direction and the speed. There was also a ventilator which blows air into your face. If your speed was really high it blew even harder.”


“After the tour we were able to play the games that the guide had shown. Some of them were interesting, some of them were strange, and a lot of them were unplayable, for example in “Mario World” and “Pong” the controllers were broken, and in a game whose name I forgot the controllers were inverted.

Also the strange games which I mentioned were not just strange, but really strange. In one of them you played as two babies who were in the womb of their mother.

The highlight of the exhibition was probably the flight simulator - in it you were able to fly like an eagle with your arms as wings.

All in all it was an interesting exhibition but it was a little bit disappointing because of all the broken games and the small collection of old games.”

"In our excursion we visited the ZKM Museum, which is not far from our school (a short six minute walk). In the museum we got the opportunity to get an insight into the “Global Games” exhibition.

The museum showed and still shows plenty of computers and video games, from the first video games ever created to the newest and indiest kind of noncommercial video games, and you got the opportunity to ACTUALLY PLAY ALMOST EVERY VIDEO GAME AND TECHNOLOGY!! (a thing not often seen in ordinary museums)


In fact if you are into this big world you could be in there for a whole day without showing any symptom of boredom.


And we also had a guide who walked us all over the place and explained each chapter and the wording of the games.


The highlight of it all was with no doubt the flight simulator BIRDLY where you experienced being an Eagle feeling the wind and commanding with your own movements where and how fast you wanted to fly.


To summarize: a very good enjoyable day."

(von Santiago Echeverri, Schüler der BK2W)